Love the breeze in my knickers

Ok, so I don't literally love the breeze in my undies, I do love what line drying does to my unmentionables, as well as all other clothes.  I started line drying my clothes a few years ago, to both save some green ($) and to save some green (Gaea).    Admittedly, I haven't given up my dryer all together.  I do use it for some bulky items, or for when I need an item of clothing dried fast.  I'm asking Santa this year for an umbrella clothes line, and I 've been extra good...well for the last few days anyway.
I usually put my clothes thru an extra spin at the end of their washing cycle, to help the drying time.  I keep my loads relatively small, and bring in items as they dry as opposed to waiting for the whole load to dry. What tips and/or secrets do you have about line drying?


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